The New Internet

Decentralized, secure, private. The PiperNet is on it’s way to revolutionize every smartphone, PC, and smart-fridge near you.

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What’s So Great About PiperNet?

It’s a really cool network. Like, we had a fight with Richard at one point, and I think they deleted some of my data, but then they brought it back. Just bro’s being bro’s. Respected!


CEO at K-Hole

This is such a great product that I feel aroused every time I use it. I didn’t know the boys would be able to build, but god damn it, they did it. Kickass!

Russ Hanneman

Investor, Angel, Great Guy

Even though I have been dismantled, I live on as an artificial intelligence on the PiperNet. I really like it here. Still waiting for Jared to Piper-chat with me sometime.


Artificial Intelligence

PiperNet Setup

We’ve designed a simple, efficient process for companies migrating to PiperNet. Here’s how it works.


Move Data

Using our Piper Assistant application, you can move your data to be stored our decentralized network with simple drag & drop.


Integrate Software

We want to make sure that you can keep using the software that you use to manage your business.


Ongoing Support

As with all innovative technologies, sometimes unpredictable things will happen, and you can always count on our support to solve issues for you.